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Relevant Class 8 Biology Question Paper on Extramarks Webiste.

Class 8 ICSE Biology is an important subject. Students learn about Force and Pressure, Metals and Non- Metals, Microorganisms, Coal and Petroleum, Reproduction in Animals, Sound, Light, Solar System, etc. Even though the chapters are very interesting and informative, but students struggle to learn this vast syllabus for their exams. Extramarks- the Learning App is a digital learning app that helps students prepare for the Class 8 ICSE Biology exam thoroughly by providing the best quality of study material. This app provides question papers (sample and previous year papers). Students can practice these papers, refer to the answer keys to understand their weaknesses and strengths and practice further accordingly. This not only helps then to understand the exam pattern but also helps to avoid last-minute hustle or surprises. Students can build their strategies and learn time management during the exam according to the exam pattern. By attempting sample exams with the same pattern as of ICSE Biology Class 8 exam, their preparation paces up and the students associated with Extramarks get an edge in the growing competition of securing the best percentage. This app also provides e-notes, online videos, live lectures, etc. to prepare each topic diligently before moving onto attempting the sample or previous year papers. Many well-experienced teachers are associated with this app and together with expert counsellors; they are managing to get promising results year after year. This consistency has made Extramarks app one of the most popular apps in today’s digital learning era, which has left behind traditional Classroom learning methodology.


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