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CBSE Class 8 Sample Papers for Science Waiting to Be Solved on Extramarks

The CBSE Model Paper Class 8 Science is a good resource for students to get ready for the examination. These question papers are formulated according to the syllabus and pattern of the CBSE examinations. Those CBSE Model Paper Class 8 Science also give an idea of the examination’s latest and most important marking schemes. From an examination perspective, it covers almost all the important concepts and chapters. Practitioning the CBSE Model Paper Class 8 Science will give students confidence so they are well prepared to face the exam. These CBSE Model Paper Class 8 Science are framed by the subject experts and are based on trends and patterns in CBSE. It will help students exercise thoroughly and score well in examinations. The se sample papers are on the Extramarks website.

Students can use the Extramarks app to study for their exams. The app has a lot of features that will help students in their studies. The app contains videos, study materials, notes among other things. The app has a study bot that helps students with their doubts and queries.


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